January 21, 2012

2012 - Finally Getting a Start on the New Year

I had some family stuff happening and a bit of the Holiday Blues but I am getting back into the swing of things with working on my beaded creations. I am going to start with a post of some of the custom designs I made for the holidays:

First was a Custom Order from Etsy - this was for a 4 year old girl, and she wanted one of my snowflake necklaces done in pink. Considering the age of the recipient, I asked if memory wire would be acceptable instead of a chain, since it stands up to wear and tear, has no clasp, and will be able to expand to fit the child as she grows. the resulting necklace is below.

Snowflake Memory Wire Necklace - Custom Order 2011

I also did custom work for the older sisters, each a pair of earrings I believe the ages were 8 and 12:

Oldest girl, simple stunning drops made with sterling silver findings, I solder the jump rings for added durability.
The request for these was very small drops, something girly, these are tiny star shaped flowers in 2 shades of amethyst.

Next up was another necklace - this time it was for an adult. Jewel tones, 17 inch length, modeled off of my lamp worked  bead bracelets which have received quite a bit of attention. I was incredibly nervous about this piece - I assigned it to myself and it was for one of my sisters.

Detail of my sister's necklace.
Overall picture of my sister's necklace.
One of my nieces had fallen totally in love with a lariat I had posted on my Etsy and Artfire shops, so I decided to send it to her rather then making her a new design. This was her necklace:

My beach inspired lariat - long enough to fit over the head.

My other niece tends to be a bit more like me - a bit out there and whimsical - and I know she likes earrings for going out and such. So, for my other niece I made a pair of drop earrings with these fabulous carved skull beads in turquoise and silver:

Faux Turquoise - Carved Skull Earrings.

My final requested creations were a pair of bracelets. One was requested for the buyer's mother - streamlined and classy, and one of a kind - just like her. For his mom he liked the lamp worked bracelets. This was the final design - it had a bit in common with a scaled down version of my sister's necklace.
Detail of bracelet. Although it looks black the stripes in the lamp work bead are actually a very deep purple.

Overall picture of bracelet.

The other was for his aunt - a watercolor artist who lives in Puerto Rico - so something colorful and that had a unique design. For her bracelet I decided to use wire and bead weaving together to form a seamless whole - I think it came out stunning and am intending to make a similar piece for my shop in the near future!

Detail of Aunt's bracelet.
Overall picture of Aunt's bracelet - I almost forgot to photograph this - please excuse the gift wrap!
I also had custom orders for several pairs of my snowflake earrings - and a purple drop pendant which in the rush of the holiday season I completely forgot to photograph! A pair of my snowflake earrings is pictured here - the custom sets were for a pair in Burgundy Red and Sheer White, and a set done in all gold. 

Teal Snowflake Earrings.

This was my first year doing custom jewelry designs for the holidays - and I feel very proud of the work I did - it not only met with the approval of the customers who requested my work, but everyone who ordered an item has been in touch to let me know that my work received rave reviews by the recipients.

 I am truly hoping with the year to come Artem Decorare can continue to grow and prosper as I make new connections and build my business!

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